Here you will find a buying guide to help you decide the type of camera you may want.

The guide is broke into sections with the first section talking about specifications, the second section stating the level the camera would be good for, and the final section looking at certain shot scenarios and whether the camera would be good for that scenario.

I hope you find it useful, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message if you think something should be added or doesn't sound right.

Compact Camera Mirrorless Camera Beginner DSLR Midrange DSLR Professional DSLR
Price Cheap Midrange Cheap-midrange Midrange-Expensive Very Expensive
Size Small and can go in your pocket Can be a bit bigger than compacts Bulky Bulky Bulky
Weight Light Can be heavier than compacts but still light Heavy Heavy Heavy
Interchangable lenses No Sometimes Yes Yes Yes
Sensor size Cropped Mostly cropped but some full frame Cropped Cropped or full frame Full frame
ISO Range Small range Varies range Medium range Large range Very Large range
Good for...Beginners Yes Yes Yes No No
Good for...Enthusiasts No Yes No Yes Maybe
Good for...Professionals No Maybe, if high end No Maybe, often as backup Yes
Good for...Travel photos Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Good for...handheld Low light photography Yes, but may be noisy Yes, but unless upper range may be noisy Yes, but may be noisy Yes, but unless upper range may be noisy Yes
Good for...Landscape photography Basic shots Maybe depends on the camera Yes Yes Yes
Good for...Large prints No Maybe depends on the camera No Yes Yes
Good for...Non professional Sports Photography Yes, but you may want a good zoom or fast burst mode Often yes yes Yes Yes
Good for...Wedding photography No Maybe depends on the camera, new models are now quite advanced No Yes Yes
Good for...Professional Sports Photos No No No Maybe Yes
Good for...Extreme weather No No No No Yes

I hope this helps with your decisions. You will find a Canon buying guide here. I will add other brands in the near future.

Of course feel free to contact me if you have any questions or leave a comment.

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The above review is based on mikecleggphotography's personal opinion, often from using the product. Any specifications and prices are believed to be true, but should be double checked when purchasing. Mikecleggphotography is not responsible for any damage to your equipment or yourself if you use the product mentioned. My review is designed to help you with your purchasing decisions, but any decisions are ultimately your own.

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