The Lonely Planet's Guide to Travel Photography is the first photography book I ever brought and where my passion for photography was discovered. As someone that loved travelling and taking pictures (using a point and shoot), I felt I needed to improve and this book was what set me on my path.

The book is well written and easy to understand. It goes through all the different elements of photography from equipment, planning, technical settings for taking the shots, through to specifics such as how to take certain shots such as night photography.

I read this book from front to back and learnt a lot about techniques and the settings I should use. Throughout the book there are photographs along with the settings used to capture the photographs.

I think this excellent book would be a perfect tool for anyone looking to learn photography, be it just how to take certain shots (maybe animals), or to try and master the art.

Book Type: Paperback
Author: Lonely Planet and Richard I'Anson
Publisher: Lonely Planet
Number of pages: 368
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