The Ramozz Shutter Release Timer Remote Control is a great buy, it's affordable, easy to use and comes packed with the most useful features you'll need.

Main Features

- Wired remote control compatible with many Canon DSLR's. Check the website for a full list but I used it with my 6D.
- Button to control the shutter remotely at a press
- Button to keep the shutter open for bulb exposures
- Configurable timed interlapse, allowing multiple exposures to be taken ove a period of time.
- Configurable time can be set to allow the camera to be exposured past 30 seconds.
- Option to set a delay before exposures start
- LCD that can light up in the dark
- Takes AAA batteries. I recommend Energizer NH12BP-4 Rechargeable AAA Battery.


For the price, it's a complete bargain and it has done everything I need it to do. I think it feels a bit plasticy but I wouldn't let that deter you.

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Price: $16.99
(Price accurate at time of writing but subject to change.
Check when purchasing for more up to date price)

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