The Lowepro 200AW Pro Runner Backpack is a small but spacious bag, perfect for a citybreak, hike or any other small event you may have. It has plenty of amazing features as detailed below...

Main inside section

The inside of the bag is well padded and you have plenty of dividers to place all your different equipment. The dividers can also be moved which is helpful when you have different lens attached to your camera. I managed to comfortably store all the below equipment.

- Canon 6D

- 24-105mm lens

- 85mm lens

- 40mm lens

- Flash

- Other accessories such as filters, remote, batteries etc.

On top of this there a zip pocket inside, I use this to store batteries and miscellaneous items.

Outside pocket

This pocket is good for storing pens, manuals, maps and there is a pocket for your phone. When buying the bag I didn't even realise it came with this outside pocket, so it was a welcome surprise.

Netting side pockets

I've been using these pockets to store a water bottle and umbrella. 

General Size

The bag is a great size for taking as your hand baggage on a plane, I've now taken it on several planes without issues. It is actually smaller than the normal allowance.

All weather cover

Hidden at the bottom of the bag there is a pullout 'All purpose' weather cover. This fits around the outside of the bag.  This pulls out and stores quickly and easily.

Tripod Mount

You can store your tripod on the outside of the bag via a built in Tripod Mount. I actually had a little bit of trouble getting my tripod to fit this, but if you went for the MeFoto tripod in my other review (click here), you can just leave it in the carry case and have it hang below the bag.


The Lowepro 200AW Pro Runner Backpack is fantastic and gives you the confidence your equipment is safe and secure. With plenty of places to organise your equipment you'll find heading out for a shoot that much easier.

If you want to buy or learn more about this bag, you can do so via the link below. If you have a lot of kit, ie long lenses, multiple bodies or flash units you may need to buy a larger size bag, but this is perfect if you have similar amounts of equipment as I have mentioned above.

Any questions feel free to ask me.

Click to buy or learn more
Price: $72.45
(Price accurate at time of writing but subject to change.
Check when purchasing for more up to date price)

Other size options by Lowepro

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Prices accurate at time of writing but subject to change.
Check when purchasing for more up to date price.

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