I purchased the MeFoto Roadtrip version of the MeFoto tripod about a year ago now and I am very impressed.

There are a couple of different options of these tripods extending to different lengths and that can hold different max loads. I have put them further below.

As I have the MeFoto Roadtrip version I will talk about my experience with that, but I have put the specs for a few other options.

Strength/Max Load

The tripod is strong and can easily handle an SLR with a medium sized lens. I use it with my Canon 6D, fited with a 24-105mm lens. With that combined weight (Approx 3.14lb) the pictures have been sharp. For smaller compact cameras, mirrorless or small lens you would probably be fine with the smaller tripod which is the Backpacker. 

The Backpacker Tripod allows a max load of 8.8lb

The Roadtrip Tripod allows a max load of 17.6lb

The GlobeTrotter Tripod allow a max load of 26.4lb

Leg extensions

There are 5 leg extensions with a twist lock. It takes no time to lock or unlock these extensions and once you lock it the legs feel very secure and give you faith that it can hold your beautiful camera. I often can get the tripod out  the carry case and set up ready in about a minute or less.

Monopod functionality

Amazingly the tripod converts into a monopod. You unscrew one of the legs, take out the center pole and screw the leg onto the pole, this takes less than a minute and is an amazing feature of the product.

Height Extended

The Roadtrip Tripod extends to an incredible 61.6". I am 5 foot 11" and this is fine for me to get to almost any angle.

The Backpacker Tripod extends to 51.2"

The GlobeTrotter Tripod which extends to 64.2"

Folded height

When folded the Road Trip easily fits into a hand luggage sized baggage. I have taken this tripod in my hand luggage on many flights without any issues. 

The Backpacker Tripod is 12.6"

The Roadtrip Tripod is 15.4"

The GlobeTrotter Tripod is 16.1"

Tripod plate

The tripod attaches to the camera via a quick release tripod plate. You screw the camera to the plate which then attaches to the camera. You then tighten it securely.

Ball Head

The tripods all have ball heads. This gives you fantastic flexibility over your composition as you can angle your camera in almost any direction.


The tripod is available in many different colours. Not just the one seen in the picture. Click on the links further below to see some of those colours.


The tripods are all light and I hardly notice when it's over my shoulder.

The Backpacker Tripod weighs 2.6lb

The Roadtrip Tripod weighs 3.6lb

The GlobeTrotter Tripod weighs 4.6lb


Amazingly the tripod even comes with a case. The case is well made and fits comfortably over your shoulder. This combined with the weight you can easily carry the tripod for long periods without discomfort. 


Overall this is an incredible tripod. I have been more than happy and would recommend it to anyone. I have used it on different terrain (grass, hills, rocks, sand etc) with perfect stability and the only time I haven't got sharp shots is because my camera settings were wrong.

Any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.



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MeFoto Travel Tripod Kit, Titanium (A0350Q0T)
MeFoto A1350Q1B Roadtrip Travel Tripod Kit (Blue)
Mefoto A2350Q2T GlobeTrotter Travel Tripod Kit (Titanium)
$139.00 $189.00 $209.00

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