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Often, as you take more and more pictures, your camera can appear to become an extension of yourself. I take my camera everywhere now — to work, to parties, to gigs at night. As much as it can be annoying to carry such a bulky tool (in the case of an SLR), it can be overcome by the satisfaction of taking a photograph that captures that moment.

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Some people use their smart phone and some people carry a point and shoot. These are all good depending on your final usage of the image. For online media sharing such as Instagram or Facebook a good phone camera or point and shoot is completely adequate. For smaller prints (10×8, 7×5, 6×4), these devices will also be suffice. But if you wanted to sell your shots or print them up to billboard size, then you would need a camera with a larger sensor such as an DSLR or a high end mirrorless camera.

Although I do sell my photos, I very much believe in taking spontaneous pictures that are simply meant to cherish. This may be a picture which isn’t perfectly composed, in sharp focus or with the right lighting. I think it would be wrong to judge a picture if the content of the picture was wonderful, but the quality of the image was poor. So no matter how experienced and skilled at photography you are, you should always appreciate the pictures other people have taken, and why they have taken it, definitely if it involves the moment you never want to forget.

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