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As any photographer would tell you, one of the most important things when taking photos is to get the lighting right. Capturing your picture under the wrong light can make it look dull, boring and have your pictures looking like anybody could have taken it, but get it right and you can transform a normally mediocre subject to something spectacular.

So when the weather isn’t ideal, depending on conditions you could…

—Use clouds to add atmosphere to your pictures and to potentially create a stormy or sinister look.

-- You could shoot in black and white

– an easy way to remove dull colours.

-- If it’s wet you could use puddles for reflections and symmetry, or create something really abstract

— just make sure you protect your gear.

— You could shoot at night.

If it’s wet this adds the extra benefits of more reflections from lights creating an interesting urban feel. - You could stay inside and work on studio/home shots, or setup an interesting experiment to capture something unusual such as water droplets

BUT… You don’t even have to take photos.

Instead you could use the time to look through your old photos, deleting those of low quality and sometimes you can even find something you didn’t realise you’ve taken.

You could use the time to read about new techniques, practice tutorials, brush up on your editing skills, OR simply relax and take a breather –watch tv, read magazines or enjoy the break. Even by doing that you may come across something interesting that inspires you to create a masterpiece!!!

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