In the last 6 months I realised that one thing I love doing, is taking photos. That said, looking back over my previous holiday shots and other photos that I so often take, I discovered that half or even most of my pictures are very mediocre, probably not even average. Many of my photos had bad composition, lighting issues, blurriness, noise, jpeg artifacts and any other numerous mistakes that can be found in snapshot photos.

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Something had to change

I knew that I had potential, I always knew what to take photos of, and where to go, I just didn’t know exactly how to make my photos pop, and get the wow that we all like to hear when showing people our photos. 

So in light of this realization that I desperately needed to improve, I decided to buy a travel photography book, so that for my next adventure I could hopefully get some amazing holiday shots, that I would be proud to show friends, family, or quite possibly the world.

I brought the “Lonely Planet's Guide to Travel Photography” written and researched by Lonely Planet and Richard I’Anson. I found this an excellent book, which goes through the basics of photography, such as shutter, aperture, ISO etc, all the way through to how to take some of the more interesting shots, such as light trails, architecture at night, action shots etc. The book also goes on to tell you how to manage your files when off the road, basic editing tips and even ways you could make money off them. Overall an excellent buy.

When I first brought this book, I just owned a nice little Lumix point and shoot, but after reading more, I though hey, why don’t I just buy an DSLR. I had several trips coming up, such as Istanbul, Barcelona and Toronto in the near future, and I knew that to truly get photos I wanted, I needed to have all my options and customization settings available. This isn’t saying you can’t get good photos with a point out shoot. For sure you can, but for taking long exposures and having total control over what you are trying to achieve I have definitely found a DSLR easier to do this with.

So.. It’s a few months on now, I have been on 2 of my 3 trips and explored London like never before. My health has improved, I am playing less video games, spending more time walking and bringing out the more creative side of myself.

Overall photography is such a good hobby to have, and also very rewarding, capturing those moments in your life you never want to forget, your photos could possibly pay for you to go to exotic places, and also having the pleasure of people gawping at your photos. I think this might have just been what I have been missing all these years…

This is the book I brought. Click on the link to buy or learn more.


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