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Lonely Planet's Guide to Travel Photography

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These types of photos are great fun and you can do them on almost any subject, nature, buildings, even people.
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The settings and steps I recommend are below...


Tripod: It's a good idea to use a tripod, this helps to keep the shot a bit clearer. You can go handheld if you wish though. Manfrotto offer great tripods (see to the right), or read my MeFoto Tripod Review.

Lens: A lens with a good range is best so that you can zoom close then out a lot. The lens I use is the Canon 24-105mm so that I have a good range.


Camera Mode: Shutter Priority (TV Canon, A Nikon) - Set the slowest Shutterspeed you can so you have plenty of time to zoom out and create the effect.

Shutterspeed: The slowest possible. 1/5 of a second or slower is best.

Aperture: This will be set by the camera.

ISO: 100 (To keep noise to a minimum).

Focus: Auto focus on the center point of the image.

White Balance: Auto is normally fine. If you shoot raw you can change this later if it doesn't look right.

Taking the shot

1. Zoom in and compose your shot with the focus on the center point of the image.

2. As soon as you press the shutter start zooming out, you may have to zoom out quicker if it's a faster shutterspeed. Practice a bit and see the results.

Other examples
I hope this helps you get great shots, I would love to see them if you follow my tips and get some shots you are happy with. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message.
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